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Work has been seriously kicking my ass and I have no spoons to spare. I swear as soon as I get an idea those prompts will get published, I just don’t want to half-ass it and give you guys crap <3 

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It’s gotten to the point of annoying, and this is all I’m gonna say.

I refuse to get back into the 50 Shades debate. That being said … 

I realize with the movie coming out people will start talking about it again. I read them. I enjoyed them *for what they were*. 

Is the relationship abusive? Yes

Is such a relationship desirable? No

Did it make for good, stereotypical romantic fiction where the standard tropes were so loudly and obnoxiously shoved in your face it was ridiculous? Yep, and it always will because there are tropes and stereotypes for a reason. They sell

If you haven’t read it and/or tried to read it - stop saying it’s the worst thing ever! It’s not. It’s a book and a movie and the more we make of it the longer it will stay in circulation. If we all stop buying it, stop giving the sites talking about it the hits they want, stop giving people money to produce drivel - it WILL go away. 

To the people saying she changed him - NOPE! She caused him to desire to change himself through actual psychotherapy and positive methods. 

She saw his bullshit and raised him an “I’m leaving no matter how much it hurts me,” and then she ACTUALLY LEFT. It then went to standard romance trope #8934: Boy loses Girl; Boy does stuff; Boy gets Girl back. It takes 2 books of almost-vaguely-on-Tuesdays-if-the-moon’s-in-the-right-phase pseudo kink to get her back and find the standard “Happily Ever After” ending. 

This makes him no less a controlling abusive bastard and her no less a silly twit, BUT IT MAKES A GOOD PLOT, same as Twilight did.

My opinion, take it or leave it. Discussion on this is not really an option, I’m not changing my opinion: FOR WHAT IT WAS (standard erotic romance) it was done well. Much like I cannot argue that Twilight (while total crap imho) was done well FOR WHAT IT WAS. Like it or lump it, live with it.

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